Theo Constantinescu

Theo Constantinescu

Theo Constantinescu


To develop a presentation website for Theodor Constantinescu, a person with serious health problems, in order to increase the case’ visibility among the public and to raise as many donations to cover the necessary amount for surgery.

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How we did it?

We have developed an online presentation site, using a responsive and interactive design;

We used an user-friendly interface, with emphasis on main information and user’s experience;

We designed the visual identity by creating the logo;

We have designed graphic elements, banners and cover photos;

We provided content development services (text and graphics);

We improved the graphic elements delivered by the beneficiary;

We created a Facebook page, linked to the presentation website;

We have executed online promotion activities on social media;

We optimized the site by implementing inside technical features;

Services provided

Web Development

Web Design

Graphic Design


Content Development

Online Promotion