The Association of Animal Protection “MARIUTA”

The Association of Animal Protection “MARIUTA”

The Association of Animal Protection “MARIUTA”


Creating a presentation site for the association to help increase its visibility among the general public in order to increase the number of sponsors, volunteers and donations.

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How we did it?

We have developed content (text, images) to promote the image and the activities of the association;

We have made the presentation site in the open source platform, using a simple, interactive, user-friendly interface;

We have graphically upgraded the images delivered by the recipient for publishing on the site and social media;

We have implemented donations via credit card transfer and PayPal;

We have implemented lead generation features: adoption of animals, 2% donation of income tax (for employees), 20% donation of income tax (for companies), volunteering;

We have reconfigured and modified the information on social media (Facebook) for image promotion and donation;

We have added the “Donate” button on the association’s Facebook page with link to the site.

We have created promotional materials: graphic elements, cover photos, posters, banners, etc.

We have optimized the website in terms of navigation speed;

We have permanently updated the information on the site;

Services provided

Web Development

Web Design

Graphic Design

Content Development

Online Promotion