How we work

We love simplicity and we consider it a generator of success. That is why we’ve been looking for ways to make the collaboration easier both between our team members and between the team and each partner. We provide our clients with real-time access to information about the project’s progress, the stages we perform and the time we spend on each activity.

We offer TRANSPARENCY and we give CONFIDENCE, generating EFFICIENCY.

A tool that helps make our work more efficient is the project management platform we use and that facilitates contextual communication with the team involved in each project, while also improving the quality of client relationship management activities.

Here are some advantages:


  1. Creating boards for each project that you are developing;
  2. Keeping track of each activity carried out: tasks, the team members that are handling each task, the status of each task performed;
  3. Establishing priority objectives for each task and / or project;


  1. Establishment of timeframes required for the fulfilment of the proposed tasks;
  2. Setting deadlines for completing certain tasks;
  3. Keeping track of all proposals, strategies and client’s feedback;


  1. Export information in the form of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports, etc.
  2. Efficient communication with the client by offering access to the boards dedicated to the projects developed in partnership;
  3. Efficient communication with and between team members;
  4. All the information is in sight, the client is aware of the course of the project;

We believe in the power of COMMUNICATION, TRANSPARENCY, FLEXIBILITY and INNOVATION. We believe in us and every partner we work with.

We have a series of simple steps that we follow for every project we develop.


AnalyseRegardless of the type of project we carry out, the first step is the complete analysis of the existing situation, the customer’s business, the target audience, the analysis of the visitor behaviour.

UnderstandFollowing the analysis, we understand the situation and what the customer wants to achieve through online marketing. This is how we create customized service packages for each partner’s needs.

IdentifyAfter understanding the business and customer needs, we determine the strengths and weaknesses of its business. If we are dealing with the restoration of an existing site, we check the behaviour of the users, identifying where they come from, what is their route on the site, where they stop. In this way we understand the issues our partner faces, managing to set the best directions for it.

GoalsIn close collaboration with our client, we set the priority objectives of the project. We listen to his wishes, we present our conclusions from the previous steps and shape together an online marketing and optimal development strategy.

SolutionsHaving the goals ahead, we start developing solutions. Being helped by creativity, knowledge, innovation and intuition, we develop the most effective solutions for our partners’ business. Almost every time we rely on simplicity, improving user experience, creating responsive websites, simplifying the user communication process.

DesignThe designing stage is where ideas come to life. Now we have everything we need to materialize. Design is the most important part of our work, making the difference in digital marketing.

TestAfter the site’s development, after the web and graphic design team has completed its work, we are following the testing phase, where we thoroughly check everything that goes with the good functioning of the site, we implement new functionalities, we optimize and improve.

PublishThe client analyses the result, sends us feedback and agrees to the online publication of the site.

PromoteAfter publishing the site, according to the need of our client and the services agreed upon by him, we continue with the online promotion process, which involves:

MaintenanceSince we want 100% satisfied clients, our work does not end in publishing the website, but the process is resumed, by analysing the reactions generated by the new site, the results obtained, improvements and constant updates. Our focus is on results, so we stay close to our customers by giving them support in further managing the sites we have created.

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