Graphic Designer

Full Time    Bucharest

What you need to know?

Good knowledge of Adobe CS: Photshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, (+ Dreamweaver / Optional);

Good understanding of design responsive principles;

Excellent visual design abilities: composition, choice of fonts, definition of color palettes, drawing of grid layouts, development of a clean and airy design, knowledge of the importance and positioning of the specific elements of various web applications;

HTML 5 / CSS3 at the beginner level (it is important to understand the work of the front-end developer. If you manage to make the visual created by you in valid and functional code you have won us/ Optional);

Experience with prototyping tools (Invision or similars / Optional);

Ability to work on multiple projects in parallel;

Advanced English language skills;


What you will have to do?

Creating graphical interfaces for websites and mobile applications;

Design brand visual identity;

Concepts for marketing campaign materials (campaign pages, banners, newsletters, etc.);

Analysis and recommendations for modifying / updating existing web applications according to the latest best practices;

Processing images;

Continuous collaboration with the team involved in the project;


How we want you to be?

Passionate about your work – we believe that working with passion can lead us to achieving the best results;

To trust in yourself – trust helps us to be proud of our work;

A good team player – We rely on communication and respect. Regardless of experience, knowledge and abilities, we constantly learn from each other. In the end, success depends on teamwork.

Creative and intuitive – we are not a corporation with cumbersome rules, but we have some internal procedures to simplify and streamline things, we are always developing new ones, and we are waiting for you to come with proposals for constantly improvement. We want to work as organized / smart as we can, we always like fast solutions if it does not affect the quality of the final product.

Are you a student? – We understand and try not to load you during the exam sessions, but you have to face a full-time job outside the exams.


What we offer?

The ability to work in a pleasant environment, with a young, united and energetic team;

Our support in everything you do, especially in the early months;

Access to a complete set of tools for efficient organization, communication and collaboration;

Possibility to get involved in company development and in improving internal procedures;

Participation in various important events in the field, courses and workshops supported entirely or partly by the company, proposed by you or us;

Possibility to develop professionally by working in a constantly changing field, dealing with various projects and collaborating with successful brands both in Romania and internationally;

Location is easily accessible, the office being in the central area of ​​Bucharest, overlooking Herastrau Park, just 2 minutes from the Aviatorilor subway station, as well as RATB stations.


We are ready to choose you! Are you ready to go beyond your limits?

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